The privacy policy of SIP-system

Customer personally identifiable information (PII):

Customer’s personally identifiable information (PII) such as name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, billing information as well as other account information is held in strict confidence by SIP-system!

Our website doesn’t collect PII from the user’s computer.

PII information is requested and collected in conjunction with

  1. purchase of product
  2. registration of our products or services
  3. providing you the services you have requested from SIP-system.

The user would voluntarily supply the company with PII when he wants to buy or subscribe (you MUST provide PII to buy)

We do not sell or share our customer list with PII or any other customer entities!

Customers and Subscribers E-Mail Tracking

SIP-system company servers do not record e-mail addresses of visitors or customers unless expressly specified for purposes such as means of identification for a service or tool available for registered and/or restricted use.

SIP-system will not sell or share subscribers’ e-mail address to the third parties. E-mail addresses and other associated information generated by the subscribers are held in strict confidence!

SIP-system keeps customers’ e-mail addresses in order to send subscriber's follow up messages or company news, e-mail addresses may be used also to market SIP-system products directly to the customers.

However, if you wish to avoid receiving any future email news from SIP-system, please
  1. choose to unsubscribe from receiving SIP-system news and products updates at (this sections is available for SIP-system existing customers only) or
  2. Reply back to our message with 'UNSUBSCRIBE' in the subject line.

Storing information under your account

Information placed and stored in the areas of SIP-system websites designed for the storage and retrieval of personal data or providing you the services you have requested is tied to the username and password of the member whose Internet account information is stored under.

Information which is stored or which passes through our systems (e.g. e-mail lists or e-mail messages’ content, passwords etc) is considered the property of the account owner.

SIP-system does not monitor, review or read such information without the permission of the owner, except to the extent required to assure the proper functioning of all SIP-system products of service related systems.

SIP-system will not disclose information stored under your account to any third party!

Your personal data protection

SIP-system does not store individual Internet account passwords in the accessible format, and will not divulge or change any passwords on any account without proper authorization from the account owner or responsible party.

In addition, any information collected through our websites or over the Internet is transmitted using current industry-standard security and/or encryption methods aimed at protecting our customer's information from unauthorized access or use.

We recommend that you always keep your password private, and change it periodically in order to better protect your personal data.

Employees Rights and Liabilities

SIP-system employees are authorized to access customer information whenever it is necessary to review your account, provide you with requested information or services, or correct, update, delete account information. Our employees are required to treat all such personal and account information as confidential. Likewise, all companies (these companies can include banks, registered agents, and other service providers) to whom we do disclose information to under this statement are contractually required to keep this information confidential, and to use it only as it pertains to providing you the services you have requested, and any and all functions attendant with such services.


All customer’s identifiable and other information that SIP-system collects via the Internet, in person, over the phone, or in any other manner is used for internal accounting and customer service purposes, and is NOT sold, rented or disclosed to any outside party that is not involved in the provisioning of your services.